The perfect nappy is out there...

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Not sure which nappies to try next?

Our Nappy Selection Box will help you make an informed decision about which high street nappy brands to try, so that you can find the best nappy for your baby without even leaving your home.

Each box contains samples from Aldi, Amazon, Asda, Boots, Lidl, Morrisons, Pampers, Sainsbury's and Tesco.

There's no getting around it, nappies are expensive, and if you buy a poor fitting nappy, the costs soon add up. In our research we discovered 70% of parents experienced leaking on a regular basis.  A further 17% said that they changed nappies at least 3 times due to poor fit or leaking.  It's wasteful (and pricey!) to keep buying packs of nappies that aren't the right fit. You're not alone!  We've been there too, read about our journey here.

Don't take someone else's word for it!  Try them for yourself...

Just like each baby is different in shape and size, so is each brand.   You may have heard the advice “move up a size”.   But moving up a size in the same brand, or even an alternative brand doesn’t always work.  

By having a selection of nappies from different brands at your disposal, there's a greater chance that one of them might finally be right for your baby.  

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Imagine a life without leaks...

...wouldn't it be fabulous! Waking up every morning to a dry smiley baby, giving them a sweet cuddle and kissing their precious forehead, taking in a big deep breath of that wonderful baby smell.

Imagine not having to spend every waking moment thinking about nappies and wondering when they might leak, or whether your baby will come out in another rash. You'd be able to just ENJOY the quality time that you have together instead - there’s so much more to life than nappies.  

What if you found a brand that fits your child well, but also saves you an absolute fortune at the same time! Today you're one step closer to finding the right fit.

We know you're really busy, so let us help you find the best fit quickly

As a busy parent, why should you take up your valuable time searching for the right nappy, when someone else can do the hard work for you?  

Your baby is one a kind, and their bottom deserves thought, care and attention.  Now you have a quick, easy, convenient way to see which disposable nappies work best for your tot.

There's no need to wait around in queues for different stores to buy ANOTHER pack of nappies to try.  Now you can get a Nappy Selection Box and get piece of mind that when you do have to buy nappies, you’re buying the right fit and style for your baby’s body type.

Your babies skin is the most important thing

Red bums, nappy rash, and sore itchy skin, can make life miserable for your little tot, and in turn, for you.

There's a common perception that the more expensive the nappy, the better it will be for your baby.  But experience has shown us that this is not true.  Delicate baby skin reacts differently to all types of nappy materials, and allergies can even develop with nappies you've used for ages.  Trying a different nappy brand should be your first step.

You can get an assortment of different UK brand samples delivered to your door, so that you can find your baby an itch-free, rash-free solution.

Make your wallet happy by trying samples first

  • Save £££’s by trying out different nappy styles to find what works best for your baby’s shape and size
  • Prioritise your time and let us queue up and get your nappy samples for you
  • Free up space in your house by avoiding partially opened packs of nappies
  • Enjoy time with your baby, instead of worrying that they are uncomfortable
  • Free delivery on all orders

Here's what others are saying...

Millie and her Nappy Selection Box

" I think its a lovely idea for new parents who wouldn't have a clue what brand to go with before buying bulks of one and then baby or yourself not getting on with them.
Thanks so much" - Sarah King

Reign and his Nappy Selection Box

"We've found a few nappies we never would have thought of trying and it's been perfect! We've had no leaks and not had to change in the middle of the night. I'm so thankful to you" - Vicky Butler

Archie and Elsie and their Nappy Selection Box

"We have recently had issues with Aldi Mamia nappies leaking overnight so I’m really looking forward to trying all the brands to see if we can find an alternative!! " - Stevie Hunter

Bertie and his Nappy Selection Box

"A brilliant and cost effective way to try a range of nappies, to see what works best for you and your babe. I also bought one as a fab baby shower gift!" - Melissa Jacklin

Noah and his Nappy Selection Box

"As a first time mum it’s like a minefield when trying to decide which brand of nappies to go for. This is such a brilliant buy!" - Katherine Chandler

Marley and his Nappy Selection Box

"I  just think this is such a great idea, we have been through so many and then been left with opened bags of nappies where we have only used 2 or 3 and then realised they were just no good! Marley had a great time searching through the pictures to decide which nappy he wanted to try next!" - Emma Adams

Grayson and his Nappy Selection Box

"No more spending a fortune trying to find that “right” nappy! Get yourself the selection box try a few and see what works best! Best. Idea. Ever! 💡" - Emma Gray

Lyla's Nappy Selection Box

"When you find out your favourite nappy brand is, well, no longer your favourite, then the nappy selection box gives you a range of nappies or nappy pants to help you decide what nappy is the best fit for your little one." - Iona Nangle

What a revolution!

Great idea, and what a great gift for new parents too!

Impressive concept!

Absolutely brilliant idea!

Love the niche market and the idea, super useful!

Awesome baby shower present!

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