October 4

Nappies or Nappy Pants? Which one?


Should you try out a Nappy Pant?

Like most nappy decisions, you should probably look to your child for the answer.

Regular nappies are comfortable and are more likely to keep everything in. But if your baby is a wriggler and getting them to lie down for a nappy change is hard work then try out a nappy pant instead. These are often called pull ups, and they’re great for active toddlers!

Nappy pants start in size 3 with Pampers but in size 4 for all the other brands.  When they get to size 4, babies tend to more interested in their surroundings and want to move around a lot more, so it’s a great time to switch to a pant or a pull up.

From our experience, these are the pros and cons of nappy pants:


  • Great for wrigglers;
  • Quick to change and baby can be changed standing up;
  • Easy to put on and take off;
  • Great for coverage when babies waist slims down over night;
  • Can go quite high up the stomach to prevent leaks;
  • Great for using during potty training.


  • May not hold as much as a traditional style nappy;
  • Figuring out which way round the nappy goes can be interesting!
  • Leg flaps are often not as wide as traditional style nappies and so sometimes can lead to leaking this way;
  • Even though waistbands tend to be high they aren’t padded and have no absorption – not great for front sleepers;
  • When full the weight of the nappy pulls down and leaves gaping holes for leaks to come out – so if your baby is a heavy wetter then perhaps regular style is better.

Like regular nappies, the nappy pants come in all shapes and sizes. Each brands’ pant is different and it’s worth trying a few to see which ones you prefer. Every baby is different and will get along differently with each type! Get a nappy pant selection box and try all the pants in your babies size.


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