October 28

Size 4 Alternatives to Aldi Premium Nappies


If you’re a die hard Aldi Nappy fan, then you will have no doubt become familiar with Aldi’s premium range of nappies.

Whilst sizes 1-3 are quite easy to find in stores all over the country, the drama starts when you get to size 4. We’ve tried, on several occasions, to get the size 4, 5 and 6 Premium nappies for our boxes but alas, no luck at all. Size 4 is the time when they’re most needed, as the Aldi standard range tend to leak from around size 3!

But don’t worry, we’ve rounded up three good alternatives to switch to, to counter the leaking, that won’t break the bank.

  1. Sainsbury’s – Really lovely absorbent nappies, the tabs stick well to the nappy so that it’s quite hard to pull off, and the leg cuff flaps are really wide (note: make sure they are sticking out). Average price per nappy in size 4 is 6p.
  2. Tesco’s Rascal & Friends – A brand designed by parents for parents. Fantastic absorbency, they come up quite large, and the front part of the nappy wraps around babies tummy really well. This really helps to keep the contents in instead of out! The only sticking point is that they are quite hard to find, and Tesco’s all over the country are always waiting for stock. Average price per nappy in size 4 is 11p.
  3. Amazon Mama Bear – Amazon’s own brand is really wide, and surprisingly absorbent despite being quite thin. You can only buy them in packs of 100+, so it’s best to try out samples first, but they really stay on and could be perfect for wriggly bottoms. Average price per nappy in size 4 is also 11p.

You can try all of these (and many more) out as part of our Nappy Selection Box. Head over to the Shop page to order your size.

There are of course, lots of other brands out there, and the three listed above are just the ones that have worked well for us.  Like everything baby related, nappy decisions are subjective and personal.  Try them all out for yourself and find the one that works best for you.  Let us know how you get on!


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  1. Thanks for recounting your nappy- tastrophes and ongoing "field work" to get to a drier and more comfortable for all stage in your family life. I am buying nappies for a charity to distribute to parents & carers in need and whilst I need to be economic with available funds I need to supply nappies that do the job and don't end up with frantic parents and soggy babies – so thank you for your insight I will now look at suggested size 5 & 6 alternative from that I've been buying I buy from 6 or 7 packs of necessary sizes to a pallet if I know what I'm buying does the job so thanks again it's all a learning curve if you managed to avoid having kids.

    Best wishes for a dry and healthy 2021,I hope your potty training journey to wee free days and nights is progressing well.

    Cheers Deb

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