June 23

Top 12 Tips for travelling with a toddler on a plane


Travelling on a plane can be really exciting for a toddler, and there are things that you can do to ensure its just as enjoyable for you too. We’ve listed out 12 of our top tips for travelling long haul with a toddler.

1. Pack Calpol in your luggage and take a few Calpol sachets in your hand luggage with your other 100ml liquids – Calpol is a god send to any parent and can quickly help to placate a child who feels unwell making their holiday and your holiday so much more enjoyable.

2. Don’t overstock on nappies and wipes, you’ll be able to find them at your destination too – nappies can soon fill-up your suitcase and additional baggage you will have to pay for! Your destination of choice will have plenty of nappies for you to purchase and maybe even cheaper than the ones you buy in the UK.

3. Bring lots of snacks and drinks – a hungry child is a grumpy child! You don’t want a hangry child on a plane so make sure you bring lots of their favourite snacks. This will keep them content and provide hours of entertainment! Also, a top tip – just like at the cinema, buying snacks on a plane is not cheap – bring your own pick n mix.

4. Change their nappy just before you get on the plane – give yourself a fighting chance of keeping your toddler dry and comfortable during your plane journey without needing to change their nappy in a small, compact plane toilet. Before boarding head into the spacious airport changing rooms and give yourself a head start!

5. Put them in comfy clothes or pyjamas before a long flight
– this is also useful for the grown ups too! You have limited movement on a plane, be it short or long haul, so dress for comfort so you can relax, they can relax and maybe even snooze! 

6. If they use a dummy – offer it for take-off and landing. Pick your battles, if the dummy makes them happy then a happy toddler has a happy parent (and a cabin full of happy people).

7. Check-in what you can – You can check in 2 baby items for free for an under 5, so buggy/travel cot/car seat if you need any of them – not many people know this so make use of the mega useful tip to make sure your holiday is as stress free as possible.

8. Bring entertainment – teddies, iPad loaded with Paw Patrol, headphones, colouring books and pens, water drawing pads, reusable sticker books, fidget toys – you don’t have to bring a suitcase full of toys to entertain your toddler but a select few can keep them entertained all through your flight.

9. Pack even more snacks than you already have, see point 3 – repeat to fade.

10. Documentation – If you have a different surname to your child, bring appropriate documentation to avoid any unnecessary waiting at the other end – preparation is key to a stress-free holiday. Think ahead and have all the correct paperwork with you to avoid any delays.

11. Manage their wellbeing – Take travel sickness bands if your child tends to feel ill on bumpy journeys – if you know your child is not a great traveller then pack some bands to help your little one. They take up no room at all and can be a great help.

12. Make snuggling easy – Take a comfy pillow / neck pillow for them to snuggle up to – if you take their pillow from home it will be familiar to them in what will be a very unfamiliar environment. It will help them feel at ease, relax and maybe, whisper it, sleep!

What other tips would you add to the list?  Let us know in the comments below…

Have a wonderful holiday and a great time making memories as a family 🙂


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