July 2

Which Nappies Have Wetness Indicators?


Your baby is growing and you’re moving up through the nappy sizes…..but wait…..what’s this? No wetness indicator line? Where did it go?

If like us, you were horrified to find that your favourite nappy brand suddenly stopped telling you when you needed to change your baby, then this post is for you.

We’ve complied a table to show you which nappies still have the wetness indicator line beyond size 2, as most brands stop doing it at that point. This is likely to be because nappy prices increase as you go up in size – more material = higher cost. So naturally the wetness indicator is the first ‘nice to have’ that they remove.

You’ll find that Pampers is the brand that continues it’s wetness indicator right up to the largest sizes….and you’ll also find that their prices do the same!

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